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About Us

Our Story

LivyLu was founded in the summer of 2003 as a craft purse company.  Our owner, Tiffany Riley, and her mother, Brenda Holder, began the company as a way to hopefully...eventually...make it possible for Tiffany to stay home with her kiddos.  The Mother/Daughter team designed the first few purses and sold them to several local boutiques.  As the purse business expanded across Oklahoma, requests started coming for other crafted items. The pair branched out into sorority apparel and gifts....and then collegiate apparel. 

Tiffany was able to quit her day job in 2009, and work on LivyLu goals full time!  By this time, her two children, Luke and Olivia Louise (the company namesake) were in school full time and Tiffany could work during the day while they were at school.  Brenda and Tiffany would meet daily at Tiffany's house to embroider and hand cut every applique for each order.  When Brenda was diagnosed with cancer in the Spring of 2011, the future of LivyLu was in question.  LivyLu was put on pause while Tiffany took care of Brenda, eventually losing her mother to a battle with cancer in the Summer of 2011. 

After her mothers passing, Tiffany threw herself back into work...but, things had to be different without her partner there.  Amazing friends jumped to her rescue and helped her kick start the business back to life!  LivyLu was eventually able to move out of Tiffany's house and into an office space.  We've since added so many amazing people to our team....we call them The LivyLu Crew :).  It's still a family business, the LivyLu Crew is a family.  Thank you for checking us out, supporting small business, and being part of our family! 

~The LivyLu Crew


LivyLu brings you a girlie line of vintage style & fresh design Collegiate apparel. We also create custom designs for high schools, groups, and personalized children's apparel.

We are currently licensed for the following schools:

The University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University
Texas Tech University
The University of Tulsa
The University of Arkansas